25+ years of experience in

Application Containerization, Refactoring and Enterprise Software Development

We're a global software company based in Switzerland with 25+ years of experience in Cloud-native application development, CICD and GitOps, legacy application containerization and refactoring, integration services, and private or hybrid cloud infrastructure. Inteligio Technologies is a team of experienced software developers, solution architects, project managers, and business-to-software-implementation professionals.

We Help with Software and Infrastructure - so You Can Focus on Your Clients

We help companies build and manage innovative and custom-built applications and the supporting infrastructure. CICD and GitOps enable us to complete projects with record time-to-market and quality. We develop containerized and microservices-based applications running on hybrid-cloud, Kubernetes-based hybrid cloud infrastructure.

  • Enterprise Software Development

  • Legacy Application Containerization

  • Software Integration

  • Kubernetes Private or Hybrid Cloud

Tools and Technologies

Our team uses the latest enterprise-grade application development, infrastructure, and automation tools to ensure our clients reap the business benefits of the best available technologies.

Software Development Services

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We are experts in utilizing proven software development and devops technologies and are on the cutting edge of integrating the most recent hybrid, on-prem, and public cloud technologies into our practice.

Our team's gray hair / no hair means we will help you by:

1/ Understanding the customer's business and strategy - and how it's reflected in technology

2/ So we can reflect your business goals in the software architecture, functionality, and automation



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